image-right Hello! My name is Robert McNees. I’m a theoretical physicist and associate professor in the Department of Physics at Loyola University Chicago.

My research wanders around through topics like black holes, cosmology, and particle physics. Broadly speaking I am curious about the physics of systems where both gravity and quantum mechanics are important.

I was an undergrad at the University of North Carolina, spent a year at the University of Glasgow, and then headed to the University of Texas at Austin for my PhD. While I was at UT I was a member of the Theory Group. After that I went on to postdoctoral research positions at the University of Michigan, Brown University, and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

When I am not teaching or doing research I like to spend time with my family, hang out with our dog, take photos of Lake Michigan, and scream into the void. You can also find me on Mastodon!